New Patients

The name “What are YOU Missing? Chiropractic was chosen for a reason. Most of the kinds of problems that we treat in our office tend to sneak up on people, often over months or years. They don’t initially cause extreme pain or serious failures in the body. That comes later after time and is gradual. We do treat accident victims who suddenly get into physical trouble, but mostly it’s things that you don’t notice at first but which will get measurably worse over time.

“What are you missing: refers to the kinds of things that you used to love doing, but are now having trouble doing pain free. Things like playing with your kids, taking long walks, taking long trips, jogging, dancing, etc. the list is endless. These are the things that slowly get put aside because you feel too tired, feel too stiff, feel sore afterward sometimes for days, again the list of excuses you give yourself for not enjoying your life is long and creative.

We are here in Fernley to help you. We can help, and you don’t have to drive all the way to Reno to get our help. The Chiropractic care we provide can help you to regain that youthful vigor and enthusiasm that you have lost. It can stop those annoying or debilitating problems before they become serious Medical issues that require surgery or long expensive treatment from MD’s or hospitals.

To accomplish this help we customize a treatment a program based on your needs and preferences that can include a variety of both low and high force techniques as well as laser therapy and exercises.

This is our goal for the people of Fernley. We’re here to help you to regain the health and vigor that goes along with living in a place like this. To stop degenerative problems before they get out of control, affect your ability to work, destroy your personal enjoyment and become expensive paralyzing drags in your life.

If you have any questions regarding your first visit, contact us today at (775) 980-6317.